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Halloween; the Coolest Holiday of the Year

Forget Christmas, with its high stress levels and frenzy of consumerism, and Easter, which is barely celebrated at all these days, Halloween is by far the most fun holiday of the year. Especially for those individuals with a fondness for the dark side. Decorations, trick or treat, fancy dress, ghoulish delicacies and scary films, there’s just so much to enjoy about this historical tradition, for young and old alike.

Pagan Roots

The 31 of October marks the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, which is celebrated in numerous countries across the entire world. This tradition is thought to have pagan roots, dating back to ancient Celtic festivals, such as the Gaelic event of Samhain, which brought a close to the harvest season. Regardless of its origin, throughout history and cultures, Halloween is considered the only date of the year when the line between this world and others becomes blurred.

Halloween Festivities

The run-up to Halloween often involves decorating the house or front garden with fiendish embellishments, such as carved pumpkins, spider webs, bats, ghosts and witches. The main event, for children in particular, is, of course, trick or treat. This fun-filled tradition entails kids dressing up and knocking on neighbourhood doors, scouring for sugary treats. There are various other ways for adults to get in on the fun too, for example, by heading to the cinema for a scary movie, hosting a Halloween costume party or even spending the night in a haunted hotel.