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Nottingham Heroes & Villains Tour including Robin Hood Nottingham Heroes & Villains Tour including Robin Hood Nottingham locations seen on the Nottingham Heroes and Villains Tour including Robin Hood

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Homicidal medieval Kings, the very first Vampyre, 1200-year old Saxon caves, modern Olympians, evil murderers - meet them all on our tour of Robin Hood’s city!

“... brilliant, many thanks. A very enjoyable two hours” (Feb, 2012)

“Fantastic, highly recommended”  (LivingSocial, Feb 2012)

“Absolutely brilliant, really interesting and David was extremely informative.”  (LivingSocial, Feb 2012)

“An excellent and very informative tour of Nottingham”  (LivingSocial, Jan 2012)

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The product of over 20 years tour experience from the highly successful Nottingham Ghost Walk team, the Nottingham Heroes & Villains Tour is, to quote one of our guests, a ‘history tour for those that don’t ‘do’ history’. Touring Nottingham’s key sites of interest, you will hear fascinating and historically accurate tales of Nottingham’s past and present, including of course Nottingham's most famous character, ROBIN HOOD! (but is he ‘Hero’ or ‘Villain’ - or even real?).


Our stories cover the Nottingham Castle area, Brewhouse Yard and the Trip to Jerusalem, the medieval street plan, the old Market Square, the Lace Market, St Mary’s Church, the old Shire Hall and more! A cave visit is usually included in the tour (subject to availability). Robin Hood is associated with many locations in the City and his tales are woven around those of our other ‘Heroes and Villains’. We look at the historical fact behind the Hollywood legend that is Robin Hood and discover fascinating facts and Medieval myths. If you are looking for things to do in Nottingham or what’s on in Nottingham, look no further!