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is it OK for kids?

is it scary?

what is a Ghost Walk?

will we see a ghost?

what does NOT happen on a ghost walk?

what about the weather?

how many people turn up (will we be on our own)?

can we bring dogs?

do we get a drink?

what is the Accessibility for disabled people?

is it ok for kids?   back

we suggest kids are older than 9-10 years, as younger children may not understand the stories. We do get a lot of kids on the Nottingham Ghost Walk and they do enjoy it. The Nottingham Ghost Walk is designed to have a broad appeal and our storytellers always ‘play to the crowd’ so that everyone enjoys it as much as possible. The ‘adult’ content in some of the stories is told in such a way that the kids have no idea what we’re talking about! We do alter our presentation when we have group bookings of kids like scouts, girl guides and school groups. Although we start in a pub (the Salutation Inn), kids with adults can wait inside.

is it scary?    back

That depends on you! Many of our stories include scary elements and some people do find it quite scary, particularly the caves towards the end of the tour. We have had a number of people faint during a very gory part of an execution story (although we don’t try for this!). We aim to entertain rather than terrify, but we do hope to build a spooky atmosphere in many of our stories.

what is a Ghost Walk?    back

To get a brief idea of what a ghost walk is, check out our YouTube channel.

A ghost walk is a walking, story-telling tour, where we tell you lots of different stories about ghosts, and where EVERY story is about ghosts and hauntings. Our ghost walk takes place around the streets of Nottingham, although we do spend some time in (very) haunted caves beneath the Salutation Inn (subject to availability*). We pride ourselves on our story-telling abilities which have been developed over our 22 years of presenting the Nottingham Ghost Walk. As well as ghosts, we tell you something about the history of the area, some gory bits about executions and also some light-hearted banter and humour. We hope it is a fascinating and entertaining event. All the stories are centred around ghosts and although it is not a history tour (we do those as well, see, we do pick the most exciting bits of history that explain our city’s hauntings. The ‘ghost walk’ genre has been around since the 1970’s in the UK. There are now also ‘ghost tours’ around particular buildings, such as The Galleries of Justice, which tend to have a different format from the traditional ‘ghost walk’. Because ghosts have become so popular, there are also some walking tours who like to describe themselves as ‘ghost walks’ even though their stories have little or nothing to do with ghosts. That’s why we really are the only ‘Ghost Walk’ in Nottingham!

will we see a ghost?    back

We’d love to say “Yes, every time!” but that would not be true. However, many people have genuinely seen a ghost on our tours. It is the same ghost that appears in the same location, but we don’t want to say any more here, as we’ll tell you all about it on the tour - and who knows, you may experience it for yourself. We also have strange things happening to smart phones and odd things appearing on photographs almost every week on the tours - see our ‘Gallery’ (which is optimised for viewing on a mobile device).

what does NOT happen on a Ghost Walk?    back

We are a story-telling event, so we do not hold séances, use a Ouija board, do table-tipping or sit in pitch-dark rooms. All these things often happen on what is usually called a ‘vigil’ or a ‘ghost hunt’, often held overnight in haunted locations. These things do not happen on a ghost walk.

what about the weather?    back

We run whatever the weather! We have never cancelled a regular Saturday Nottingham Ghost Walk due to weather . As we are out of doors a lot of the time, come dressed up for the weather as appropriate.

how many people turn up (will we be on our own?)    back

For over a decade our average Saturday attendance has been around 50 people, so you are highly unlikely to be on your own! Smaller groups can be 10-20 or so, with over 100 in our busy periods (especially around Halloween), when we try to have extra Guides available. We pride ourselves on our voices and presentation, so that even in big groups everyone can hear (as long as you stand close enough!).

can we bring dogs?    back

Assistance dogs for the visually impaired are welcome. Otherwise, we prefer that you do not bring dogs on the Ghost Walk, sorry. We love dogs, but they can get in the way of the group and distract people.

do we get a drink?    back

No, but you can of course buy your own drinks at the Salutation (which has an excellent selection of Real Ale and Cider) before or after the tour. We do not visit any other pubs on the tour and you must finish your drinks before the tour starts.

what is the Accessibility for disabled people?    back

Most of the route is accessible for wheelchairs or ‘buggies’, except the caves for the last 20 minutes or so of the tour. Please note there are no accessible toilet facilities at The Salutation Inn where we start and end the ghost walk. The nearest accessible facilities are at Greyhound Street, just off the Market Square, about 8-9 minutes walk away. For further information see our Access Statement.

* cave access: over the past 22 years we have been able to get in the caves at The Salutation Inn about 99% of the time. Access is however beyond our control and we cannot guarantee it. There are no refunds if the caves happen not to be available, and we’re sure you’ll still have a great tour! Cave entry is entirely at your own risk. Steps are steep and irregular and floor surfaces are uneven, and there may be dark areas between lighting points. The caves are not suitable for wheelchairs or those with walking difficulties or heart problems. Low-heeled footwear is recommended.       

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time: every Saturday at 7.00pm, all year (except Sat 26th Dec 2015)  -  we ALWAYS run, every week!

starts at: (inside) The Salutation Inn, Maid Marian Way, NG1 6AJ  -  MAP / PARKING

ends: in haunted caves* (entry at your own risk!) beneath The Salutation Inn (we may have to split larger

           groups for cave access)

cost: £6 adults (£3 children, 11yrs and under), Family (2ad + 2ch) £15  -  please bring the correct change!

how long: between 1¼ - 1½ hours (walking about ¾ mile)

booking: no booking for Saturday events, just turn up  -  except around Halloween

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